Yoga for flexible spine

Our spine is the base of our body. A healthy spine is of the utmost importance in maintaining an agile body. Most back pains are not caused by serious damage or any disease but by strain, sprain, long-term stress and incorrect postures.

The contemporary lifestyle is marred by inactivity and prolonged sitting. Health experts have long warned against the ill-effects of prolonged sitting and the damages it can cause to the body. As a result of prolonged sitting, the spinal health is the first thing to go for a toss.

Adopting a correct posture while driving or sitting at the work desk, therefore, becomes extremely important. It becomes equally important to take regular breaks, stretch and go for a small walk during work hours.

Keep a straight back while sitting and try using a cushion or some other type of support for lower back support. Maintaining a healthy weight is also of the utmost importance for spinal health as extra weight strains the spine.

Use a firm, thin mattress. Too soft or too hard a surface aggravates a sore back. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach. Use a thin pillow to avoid cervical pain. Regular exercising strengthens the muscles of the back, increases flexibility and improves posture.

At work

When at work, change your seating position throughout the day to reduce muscular fatigue. Change your feet position and wriggle your toes from time to time.

Whenever you feel tired at work, take a break for a few minutes. Flex your calf muscles at least ten times for each leg.

While using a keyboard, adjust the height of your seat so that your forearms are horizontal and your elbows are placed at right angles.

Yogi Anoop can help you unlock a host of exercises, pranayama and yoga asanas that can go a long way in not only undoing the damage but also fortifying your back and spine.

"Postural aberrations are a major cause of back pain, our exercises are designed to counter them. By practising them you can protect your spine by strengthening the abdominal and back muscles," says Yogi Anoop.

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