Don't squeeze stomach muscles all the time Here's why

"Over the years in my practice, I have observed that most people believe that squeezing stomach muscles will help them achieve a slimmer look or a flatter stomach. Women are more susceptible to this. It is one of the most damaging things to do to your body," Yogi Anoop says.

Squeezing of stomach muscles could be something that one does unconsciously but can trigger many ailments including high blood pressure, headache, stress, among others.

The brain gets tired as a result of prolonged squeezing of stomach muscles as it has to work unnecessarily.

"In many of my case studies, I have found that young girls are more prone to squeezing their stomach muscles to achieve a desired look. But the side-effects are many, such as depression, anxiety, fear, low confidence, et cetera.," says Yogi Anoop.

It may also take a toll on the intestinal health, affect blood pressure and adversely impact the back. Urinary problems may also arise while the liver and the kidneys may get affected.

Stomach muscles should always be in a relaxed state and must be squeezed or contracted only during exercising.

Kapalabhati and Agnisar Kriya can be done early in the morning to stimulate stomach muscles. Try to relax your mind and consciously direct it not to squeeze stomach muscles.

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