Mula Bandha - Increasing stamina in corporates

One of the biggest woes faced by the corporates of the 21st century is an increased level of physical inactivity and stress. As a result, a host of ailments arise and stamina goes for a toss.

With Yogi Anoop, explore the depths of yogic practice and learn the ancient wisdom to lead a healthy, stress-free life infused with vitality.

The mention of Mula Bandha is usually tucked away at the back of most books on yoga and pranayama. It is a life-altering technique which involves the activation and stimulation of the Mula Chakra - base chakra located at the tip of the spine - for increased stamina and vitality.

The term 'Bandh' means to tie and Mula Bandha translates into the tying of the downward energy or 'prana'. If your energy flows outside purposelessly then you can never be free from diseases. This pranayama equips you with a technique to hold the downward energy (prana) inside and avoid it from flowing out - this helps in increasing stamina and vitality.

"If done properly, one can get the power and vitality of a horse by practising this," says Yogi Anoop.

Practising Mula Bandha involves contracting certain muscles in the pelvic region of the body. In females, it is achieved by focussing on the uterus and the rectum or the intestinal area. In men, it is done by contracting the anus and the testes. Mula Bandha is an effective exercise for improving the dullness in organs, especially the bladder and the intestines.

How to practice Mula Bandha

Sit straight in a comfortable meditative pose or on a chair. Keep your palms on your knees with eyes closed. Try to focus and contract your pelvic muscles.. Hold the contraction, do not hold your breath. Repeat the exercises 10 times with maximum contraction and total relaxation.

Contract the perineal/vaginal region for 10 to 20 seconds with normal breathing; repeat 10 times. This exercise helps in reducing constipation, urinal problems, headaches and revs up your stamina.

Practising Mula Bandha also helps in relieving constipation, piles, and depression. It betters the coordination between the brain and the abdominal area and keeps sexual disorders in check. The pranayama also helps relieve sexual frustration, suppression of sexual energy. It is one of the best remedies for menstrual problems and overactive bladder issues.


Do not perform the technique without guidance or supervision of a certified yoga trainer.

Technique 2

Sit in any meditative pose. Inhale deeply, exhale and hold the breath. Now contract the perineum/vaginal region till you can hold the breath out. Loosen the contraction of the muscles and slowly inhale. Repeat 10 to 20 times.


Avoid practising this technique if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart diseases. If you feel dizzy while practising this pranayama, immediately consult your guru.

Mula Bandha has many physical, mental and spiritual benefits. It stimulates the pelvic nerves and intestinal peristalsis. It also helps in relieving constipation, piles, fissures, and ulcers. The technique is also beneficial in asthma and depression.

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