Relevance of Yogi Anoop

In a world marred by stress and anxiety, Yogi Anoop aims to provide perfect solutions to all human problems collectively - physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Yogi Anoop's vision is to impart his years of wisdom in yogic practice and meditation to provide a balanced, integrated approach towards life.

Under Yogi Anoop’s guidance, explore the fine connection between mind and body and learn how the two go in tandem to achieve an equilibrium for a healthy lifestyle.

"Most ailments start in the mind, in the form of stress and anxiety. The brain and the gut are closely linked. When the mind goes astray, many ailments arise. It becomes important to treat the mind and address the site of the ailment simultaneously. Ignoring the mind and treating the disease in isolation will seldom result in achieving a healthy constitution. This is where 'yogic therapy' comes into play. This is how a combination of yoga and meditation holistically addresses the issue," Yogi Anoop explains.

And this is exactly what makes Yogi Anoop relevant in today's time. This could be your path to recovery from ill health, stress and anxiety, on the road to leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

The website can be your gateway to learning how yoga and meditation can help alleviate stress and flush out harmful toxins from the body. Learn the concept of navel displacement, its adverse effects on the body and ways through which a range of yoga asanas, meditation, breathing techniques and pranayama can come to the rescue.

Benefits of Yogic Therapy

A combination of yoga asanas and breathing techniques can go a long way in achieving a healthy mind and body. With the help of various breathing exercises, the body is prepared to flush out toxins and set the equilibrium while yoga asanas help fortify and strengthen the body and infuse it with vitality.

Together, pranayama, yoga and meditation can help defeat and alleviate a range of ailments and medical conditions. Some of the leading lifestyle diseases, such as cardiovascular ailments, high blood pressure, obesity-linked issues, hormonal imbalances, anxiety disorders and many other health problems, can be effectively tackled with the help of yogic therapy.

From PCOD in women to respiratory problems like asthma, a range of allergies to bone issues like osteoporosis and even spondylosis - with Yogi Anoop's guidance you can say goodbye to ill health and turn over a new leaf to a healthier, happier you.

Here's how yogic therapy can help beat a range of ailments:

Cardiovascular Problems

Yoga is very beneficial in treating a wide range of heart diseases but the practice should always be done under the supervision of a certified teacher. We provide some basic tips for heart patients - something as quick as a quick 15-minute pranayama.


It has become a very common ailment these days. With the help of various yoga postures, a range of spondylitis such as – cervical, thoracic, lumbar and coccyx - can be rectified.


Pranayama and yoga asanas can tune pancreas and kidneys in no time. When practised regularly, diabetes can be controlled and cured.


Yoga asanas and pranayama are very helpful in providing relief from rheumatoid arthritis and joint pains.


With the help of breathing exercises and pranayama, the respiratory system can be strengthened and fortified. Even severe cases of asthma can be relieved after following a disciplined plan of yogic therapy.

Stomach Ailments

Constipation, diarrhoea, hyperacidity, piles, colitis, ulcers, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, among other issues tied to the gut, can easily be addressed with the help of yoga. It is the best way to strengthen and improve the digestive system.

Menstrual Disorders

Yoga provides effective solutions to women suffering from ailments linked to hormonal imbalances. Lack of exercise, inactivity, sleep deprivation, work stress, anxiety, nutritional deficiencies can wreak havoc on hormones resulting in a range of issues. Yogi Anoop provides simple solutions to set these right.

Blood Pressure

Whether you suffer from hypertension or are prone to low blood pressure, regular pranayama can go a long way in regulating the blood circulatory system.


Most lifestyle diseases are tied to inactivity and excessive body weight. Yoga activates our metabolism and glands, revs up the organs and infuses vitality in the body. Pranayama is one of the best ways to improve flexibility, boost strength and immunity, thereby aiding weight loss.

Yoga for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Yoga and pranayama can serve as effective antidotes to depression, stress, anxiety and a range of mental illnesses. Regulating the breath and practising various techniques can help release toxins, alleviate stress, tension and also aid in calming the mind.

"Today's fast-paced life plagues the mind. Most ailments are rooted in the mind. Our mind is the regulator of most processes in the body, it helps in regulating hormones and instructs the body to function properly. A diseased or anxious mind can lead to a discord in bodily functions; hormones can go off-track, obesity can arise, and as a result, a range of ailments occur. Yoga and meditation are the best tools to tame the monkey mind and keep stress and anxiety at bay. It can work wonders in tackling a range of mental disorders and can help one focus better and sharpen concentration," says Yogi Anoop.

Spiritual Effect

For those who want to go beyond the realm of the materialistic world and get a sense of the ultimate reality, yoga and meditation can be your gateway to self-realisation. Yogi Anoop can help you learn the basics of yoga and meditation. Master the art under Yogi Anoop's guidance for an enhanced experience and the exploration of the true meaning of life.

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