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Your gateway to a holistic lifestyle, optimum health and peace of mind through 'Yogic Therapy'. One-stop solution to most pressing physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns of city-dwelling, 21st-century men and women.


About Yogi Anoop

With nearly 40 years of experience in yog philosophy, kriya yog, gyan yog, hatha yog and many other aspects of ancient yogic wisdom, Yogi Anoop has mastered the science of studying individual constitution and a person's spiritual behaviour pattern to arrive at a diagnosis.

Get a holistic health consultation with Yogi Anoop and receive a 'yogic diagnosis'. Take certified training programmes in yoga or attend meditation and spiritual workshops.

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Navel Displacement

Ever felt something throbbing right under the belly button? That is what is called 'naabhi' or 'nadi'. Navel displacement leads to a host of ailments. Learn in detail about this 'seat of energy', how to channel it and use it to maintain optimum health.

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Yogic Therapy

Alleviate stress and flush out harmful toxins from the body through yoga, meditation and pranayama. From hypertension, cholesterol, hormone imbalances to diabetes and other lifestyle diseases - learn how yogic therapy can prevent, manage and even cure a host of ailments.

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