About Yogi Anoop

The website is the outcome of years of research and practice led by yoga and meditation guru Yogi Anoop. His training and a deep understanding of the human body resulted in the discovery of a unique science that enables the diagnosis of various ailments and facilitates healing with the help 'yogic therapy'.

Together, yoga and meditation are known to have benefited mankind like no other science. The website is Yogi Anoop's brainchild and exhibits a coming together of ancient, age-old practices to address some of the leading causes of concern to human health.

Yogi Anoop strives to address and provide the perfect, one-stop solutions to all pressing problems surrounding the physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of city-dwelling, 21st-century men and women.

Get a holistic health consultation with Yogi Anoop and receive a 'yogic diagnosis' based on your body's constitution and health issues. A personalised plan, based on the analysis of your constitution, will get you one step closer to achieving a body free from ailments and a mind devoid of anxiety.

With Yogi Anoop, you can take training programmes to become a certified yoga and meditation teacher and attend meditation and spiritual workshops. Take a step and explore Yogi Anoop's vision to infuse the ancient wisdom of yogic practice with today's fast-paced world. His aim is to help people achieve a balanced and integrated way of lifestyle.

“Take a deep dive and come closer to a healthier, happier you. Regain that lost vitality and return to the state of light-headed mindfulness, naturally - without falling prey to artificial means and medicines, I promise you this,” says Yogi Anoop.

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