Yoga for temporary impotence in men

Temporary impotence can be a common occurrence in men given the stress-laden lifestyle of the 21st century. Studies suggest every one in ten men could experience temporary impotence. Most men experience it at some point in their life. The most common causes of it are stress, anxiety, depression, tiredness and excessive alcohol consumption.

"Most people associate it with a serious ailment and are distraught at the thought of it. But temporary impotence can be cured much faster than long term impotence with the help of yogic and meditative techniques. Once the root cause is addressed, it disappears," says Yogi Anoop.

Yogic therapy

Due to stress, our brain releases some chemicals which reduce the blood flow around the genital area. Yoga and pranayama play a great role in stimulating and increasing the flow of blood around the genitals, improving the coordination between the brain and the lower portion of the body.

In olden times, temporary impotence used to be resolved with the help of yogic techniques such as Mula Bandha, Agnisar Kriya, Kapalbhati and Maha Mudra. Mool Bandha is a technique which facilitates better blood circulation to the lower part of the body, especially around the penile and the rectum area. It stimulates the associated part of the brain as well. Practising Agnisar Kriya and Kapalbhati increases the level of fire in the body while Maha Mudra balances the coordination between mind and body.

Under Yogi Anoop's guidance, you can begin by exploring the basics of these yogic techniques and go on to master them.

Tips on lifestyle

Eliminating damaging habits is essential before embarking on your yogic journey. Pranayama and yoga will render no result if you don't quit alcohol, smoking, among other unhealthy habits. Try to avoid pain killers, cold remedies, tranquilisers, sleeping aids, and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle by meditating, eating healthy and getting optimum sleep. Regular exercising is also important. Engage in stress-reducing activities and surround yourself with positive people. Your body needs detoxification, this applies all those things which could clean the body and mind - yogic practices and meditation are the best tools for that.

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