What is the solution for navel displacement?

Unfortunately, medical science has not yet identified the concept of navel or its displacement. There is no medical diagnosis for navel displacement (Dharan ka hatna). If there isn't any diagnosis for navel displacement, it is obvious for the world of medical science to have no medical solution for it as well.

The concept of navel displacement is well-defined and documented in books of yoga and Ayurveda. The concept defines the navel as the place of Solar or Sun in the body. If an individual wants to increase energy in the body and revitalise it then the navel must be in the right position.

"Fire or Sun is a great source of energy, you can either use it for making food or misuse it to burn down the house. The same example applies to the navel or the solar plexus," says Yogi Anoop.

Now going back to the question, is there any medicine for navel dislocation? According to Yogi Anoop, there is no medical solution for navel displacement as the problem lies in the nervous system. It is precisely why ailments resulting from a displaced navel are often hard to diagnose or treat. Ayurveda has some herbs that can alleviate the trouble but it isn't a permanent solution.

Yogi Anoop is an expert in navel displacement and can identify how differently it can affect different individuals. With a combination of yoga and pranayama, a tailored programme to suit individual needs, you can get rid of some of the common ailments arising out of navel displacement and can effectively manage other chronic conditions.

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In his yogic and spiritual journey spanning over two decades, Yogi Anoop has cured countless people suffering from varied disorders. His patrons and students are spread all across India and also hail from countries like Germany, Spain, Italy, USA, Canada, Switzerland, among others.

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