Nauli Kriya and Agnisar Kriya Nabhi energizer

Nauli is a method of massaging the abdominal organs from within. The sight of someone practising Nauli Kriya is always astonishing. It involves the movement of the abdominal organs in a wave-like, circular manner.

Nauli Kriya takes a great amount of practice. It must always be learnt and performed under the strict supervision of a guru. The preliminary step is to perform Agnisar Kriya which activates the digestive fire.

The term 'agni' means fire and 'sara' means essence. 'Kriya' stands for 'action'. The exercise promotes and balances the digestive fire. Practising Agnisar Kriya is excellent for Kapha dominated people. Here's how you can learn to perform Agnisar Kriya.


Sit in any comfortable pose like Padmasana or Siddhasana with a straight spine. Hands should be placed on the knees. Inhale deeply and exhale completely, retain the breath outside with Jalandhara Bandha. Start moving your abdomen in and out smoothly without taking any breath.

Perform the contraction and expansion of the stomach rapidly for as long as you while retaining the breath outside. Release the bandh when out of breath, keep your head straight and breathe in again. Relax until your breathing gets back to normal. This is one round. Repeat for 10 to 20 times.

In the beginning, abdominal contraction and retaining breath is difficult but gradually it can be increased.

Agnisar Kriya should be practised on an empty stomach and after the bowel is emptied. It is better to perform it early in the morning.


Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, acute heart disease, peptic ulcers, overactive thyroid must avoid this exercise. The kriya should be avoided in summers. Pregnant women should not practice it. One must consult a guru or a certified yoga teacher before taking up this exercise and must learn to perform it under guidance. Those who suffer from hyperacidity should also steer clear from this kriya.

Agnisar Kriya is good for hypoacidity, flatulence, constipation and beneficial for the liver and kidneys. It stimulates samana vayu and is also good for psychosomatic diseases.

Copyright - by Yogi Anoop