Navel - The source of vital energy Some common queries

According to yogic science, there are nine main opening centres in the body called the chakras. Among these centres, the Manipura or the navel chakra plays a great role in the human body. It is placed at the navel. The network of all main nerves of the body get accumulated at three places in the body - the brain, the heart and the navel. As per some experts, the navel is also known as the second brain of our body. It plays an important role in the circulation of blood and the development of the body.

In yoga science, the vital energy of the navel stays alive for a few minutes even after a person's death.

In this blog, we will look at some of the queries addressed to Yogi Anoop regarding the solar chakra and navel displacement. Yogiji has addressed these and many more queries on navel dislocation from across the world.

Q: I am a 31-year-old male weighing 56 kilograms. I am a vegetarian.

I have been suffering from navel dislocation from September 2005 after lifting heavyweights in the gym. Initially, I used to suffer from motions (5 to 6 times daily for about 6 months). After 6 months, my friend's father told me that I am suffering from navel dislocation. I have still not managed to get rid of the problem completely.

If my navel slips down, I perform 'Dand Baithak' to correct it but I am unaware of what should be done if it shifts upwards.

I observed that after I performed Patangasan on my own, my navel shifted upwards and as a result, I suffered from constipation.

As far as my mental status is concerned, I am a bit fearful, nervous and have concentration problems. I have very little patience. Two months back I suffered from neck problems but now almost 95% of the pain is reduced. Is neck pain also related to navel dislocation? Sometimes I feel low on energy and weak.

I want to know how to solve this problem of navel dislocation and gain weight to look healthy.

Q: I am a 22-year-old male living in London. I have suffered from the problem of navel dislocation right from my childhood.

Earlier, I used to exercise head-to-knee to fix it but it has never been fixed and I started living with it. The shift seems towards the left upper side such that my left leg and waist feel very stiff and start aching after exercising or jogging. I even feel the tantalization of blood in the left leg after inactivity.

My concentration levels are always low and I don’t feel like eating regularly. Such is this impact that I keep on thinking about how to fix it.

This prolonged naval shift has led to some more problems like hypothyroid (mild), asthma (mild). I am sure all these can be cured once this naval dislocation problem is solved. Please guide me.

Q: I have been suffering from navel pain, constipation, acidity and gas for the past many years.

Whenever I press my navel, I feel pain in my penis and my bowel does not get empty in a go. I have to use the washroom multiple times in a day to empty my bowel. Is this the indication of navel displacement or some other serious problem?

If you identify with any of the conditions mentioned in the queries below, get a consultation with Yogi Anoop to get rid of your problems just by introducing minor dietary and lifestyle tweaks.

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